Apple’s AirTags Can Enable Stalkers and Abusers

Apple’s new AirTags are clever devices. You can track your keys, your luggage, and much more with them, using Apple’s Find My app, and leveraging a swarm of nearly one billion iOS devices across the planet.

But there is a real risk that stalkers can take advantage of AirTags to find where people live and to follow them around. And that abusers can keep tabs on spouses and partners, without the latter being aware of this tracking.

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3 thoughts on “Apple’s AirTags Can Enable Stalkers and Abusers

    • I don’t know, but the difference is 1) you have to have the Tile app on your device to detect a Tile tracker, and 2) the network, for that reason, is very small, so it’s much harder to track people.

      • I agree those are differences in the two tracking networks. I just don’t know enough about Tile to know if it has better or worse security features, or none at all.

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