Apple’s Data Detectors Now Parse Your Messages for Movie Titles, Albums, Etc., and Adds Links to iTunes Store and More

I was chatting with my friend Rob Griffiths today, and he mentioned the name of a movie in Messages. I saw the title of the movies was underlined, so I clicked it. I was surprised to see this:

Messages itunes store

This uses Apple’s data detectors; that’s the system feature that automatically spots a date, offering to add it to your calendar, or a phone number, which you can easily add to a contact card.

In some cases, you can visit Wikipedia, and in others to the iTunes Store, and you can also see music videos on the web. This has been available in iOS since last fall; apparently it’s now active in macOS.

Interestingly, data detectors are not activated on my Mac:

Data detectors

Try it out with your friends and see what happens.