Apple’s Siri Learns New Jokes – Mac Rumors

Apple appears to have recently updated Siri on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and HomePod with a slew of new jokes to tell. Based on reports on Twitter and from MacRumors readers, the new jokes started rolling out earlier this month.

When you ask Siri a question like “tell me a joke” on an iOS device, Mac, or the HomePod, Siri has dozens of fresh responses to share with you.

Apple seems to spend a lot of time honing Siri’s snark and humor, and much less time getting it to work for the things people want to use it for. It’s useless for me in playing music, because it doesn’t recognize many of the artists and albums I want to play. For many other tasks, it either fails or gets things wrong. I no longer trust it for anything other than setting reminders when I’m cooking, setting an alarm, or setting a timer. And even then, I have to check to make sure it gets things right.

Source: Apple’s Siri Learns New Jokes – Mac Rumors