Ask the iTunes Guy: The last one

This column has been running bi-monthly for more than five years, but this week’s installment is the last one. I’ve answered hundreds of iTunes questions and have never run out of topics. iTunes is a complex app; it does many things, and, as such, can be hard to understand. Some of the questions I’ve covered have been relatively simple to explain, but many of them have had me scratch my head to find answers.

In this final column, I want to address a few high-level questions about iTunes; these are questions I get very often, but generally don’t cover in the column.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions by email over the years, and to all those who have read Ask the iTunes Guy regularly.

Read the final Ask the iTunes Guy at Macworld.

Note that I’m looking for some freelance writing work, notably to continue my extensive coverage of iTunes. If you’re interested, get in touch.