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My personal philosophy is that I am format neutral. For me, the format of the digital file is one of the least significant factors in getting true audio fidelity in the home. Assuming that one has competently engineered and manufactured electronics, which I find to be generally the case, the most significant and most often overlooked factor by audiophiles, is the room itself.

This cannot be stressed enough.

As for the format of the recording, I find that the quality of the recording itself to be far more important than the format. The skill of the recording engineer, the microphones used, the placement of same, the recording venue, the placement of the musicians in that space all trump whether the format is DSD or PCM or analog tape. With great engineering and or course, a light touch by the mastering engineer, all of these formats can yield spectacular results.

This too.

Source: Audio Engineering Matters, Not The Format – Computer Audiophile

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  1. Thank you for pointing me to this article Kirk. I quit frequenting that website because of all the posturing and ridiculous claims. Those posters can be quite political mean spirited too. Shame because I think highly of Chris – but now that he has a full list of “audiophile” component manufacturers as his sponsors – his opinions have been become less circumspect IMHO. I have always believed that sound engineering and recording quality are the most important (by far) components of sound quality. But that is only a personal opinion of course – of no more worth than the next persons. (Despite the hype surrounding the audio sound quality arguments)

  2. You can have a receiver and two small loudspeakers for that (dynaudio)price.
    And be more flexible. I don’t condemn Chris 😉

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