Bob Dylan’s Complete Lyrics: The Must-Have Book for Dylan Fans

Dylan lyricsIf you’re a Bob Dylan fan, you certainly appreciate the poetry of his lyrics. In hundreds of songs, Dylan has told tales in his own unique way. There have been collections of his lyrics in the past, but a massive new book, due out in a few weeks, will collect all the lyrics to his songs, including some never released, in an annotated edition. This book, the size of LP covers, will feature Dylan’s lyrics, album covers, notes and annotations to the many hundreds of Dylan songs.(, Amazon UK)

A book like this seems like an end-of-career milestone. Is Dylan planning to hang up the guitar and end his never-ending tour? Perhaps. But if you like Bob Dylan, you will want to have this book. And you’d better act quickly; there are only 3,500 copies of this book being printed, so I have a feeling it will be sold out fast. (While not specifically a limited edition – it’s not numbered – the publisher has said that there was a limit to the number of copies they’re printing; it’s not clear if there will be reprints. I read that there are 500 copies for the UK, and it’s interesting that the UK edition has a different ISBN.)

There’s also a $5,000 edition, which is probably sold out by now: only 50 copies, signed by Bob.