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Dear All,

Here are the minutes from the annual general meeting of the International Association of Bravo Guys.

Membership Survey

The preliminary results of our member survey are in, and we’re happy to report that:

35% of our members shout “bravo” before the applause because they can longer contain their appreciation of the performance

53% are indifferent to the actual concert but are engaged in fierce competition with other local members to be the first to shout “bravo”

13% get really frustrated sitting quietly for the length of a concert
4% have a rare form of Tourettes

1% wrote “echolocation” and gave no further details

Andy Doe riffs on a very funny conversation we had during an episode of The Next Track Podcast, discussing the Bravo Guy, who yells out “Bravo!” at the end of every classical concert, before the music fades away.

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