Bumprz: The Non-Case for iPhone

I’ve never gone naked with an iPhone. These devices are too expensive to not use a case. However, cases take up extra space, and add weight and thickness to the iPhone, and are at best annoying. And they make using this feature difficult.

Case of Steel has released a “case” the company calls Bumprz. These metal corners stick on your iPhone and protect it from drops. If your phone falls on an edge and hits the floor, the corners absorb the impact. They stick up above the display, so if you drop it screen-side down, the glass won’t hit the sidewalk. They don’t protect the back much, though, and if you’re worried about getting small scratches on the back of your iPhone, then this might not be for you.


I’ve been using a prototype of Bumprz on my iPhone 6s, and, while I was skeptical it first, it is actually a joy to have a thinner, slightly lighter iPhone. The relative nakedness of the iPhone is a bit of a surprise, since I’ve always used a case, but I’m fairly confident that these little metal corners will protect it. (To be fair, I don’t often drop my iPhone, but now that I don’t have a full case, the gods will certainly conspire against me…)

Bumper are being crowdfunded, and you can find out more on this Kickstarter page. You can get a set, in one of three colors, for as little as $15, or get more than one set if you want them for your entire family.