Buying Lossless Downloads Is for Suckers (At Least if You Buy from Tidal)

Tidal, that streaming music company purchased by one Mr Z, and launched in confusion some time ago, also sells some music by download now. One of their headline titles is the new album by Rihanna, Anti. You can buy this album in two formats: MP3 and FLAC. If you choose the former, you pay (in the UK store), the same price as the iTunes Store: £11.99.

Anti mp3

But if you want the lossless download, the price nearly doubles:

Anti flac

Other albums are priced similarly. For example, Coldplay’s latest album is £8.99 for MP3, and £16.19 for FLAC. David Bowie’s Blackstar costs £6.99 and £12.59.

There’s no reason for them to charge that much. Tidal is just treating people like suckers.