The Next Track, Episode #12 – iTunes & AppleScript

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxDoug and Kirk discuss iTunes and AppleScript. This was bound to come sooner or later, since Doug is the AppleScript ninja. We look at what AppleScript does, and discuss more than a dozen of the most useful AppleScripts to use to manage your iTunes library.

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Brooklyn Label Other People Merges Jazz & Electronica With Open Ears – Observer

Inspired by the acid tests that gave birth to The Grateful Dead, Harrington assembles an eight-piece band he dubs ‘Dave Harrington’s Merry Pranksters.’ In addition to the other friends, Spencer Zahn plays an electric bass and Will Epstein pulls double duty with both his bari sax and some synthesizers. There’s a lot of ambient noodling, textural stuff reminiscent of Dave Harrington Group’s Become Alive, and it all sounds righteous. When they lock in, though, their jammy space crescendos switch from the wide-screen cinematic swells of Gilmour-era Floyd to conjure the groovy communal vibes of a line parade led by Dr. John with little notice.

This small label, Other People, is putting out some really interesting music. I was especially interested when I found that Dave Harrington is a Grateful Dead fan. I had been listening to their music for a while before that; my son is a rabid fan of this stuff. Check out Darkside, Harrington’s solo work, and other stuff the label produces.

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Archimago’s Musings: ‘Last’ Words on PONO – Mastering Analysis & General Comments

No surprise, Pono prefers bit-depth and samplerate numbers over more important matters (IMO) like dynamic range. Realize folks that LOUD, compressed masterings like those DR7’s from Pono do not deserve to be 24-bit files! Just because it’s 24-bit doesn’t make it sound any better – you’ve just wasted another 33% of your disk space.

Archimago bursts the bubble about Pono-mania.

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