Charge Your Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode with this Stand

6a010535fde333970c01bb086617f0970dI have to say, most Apple Watch stands seem pretty useless to me. They display your watch, but in most cases you don’t need to see it while it’s charging. The Apple Watch runs a full day on a charge, so most people only charge their watches overnight.

watchOS 2 offers a new nightstand mode which turns your Apple Watch into a digital clock while it’s charging; as long as it’s on its side. I found that charging my watch on its side with the loose cable just doesn’t work. The charger end of the cable keeps falling off my bedside table.

So I bought this simple plastic stand from Spigen (, Amazon UK) to wrangle my cable and charge my watch in nightstand mode. Just stick the charger end of the cable in the stand, and then stick the stand on your table — it has double-sided tape on the bottom. Your watch charges, and, if you wake up at night, and want to see what time it is, just tap the face of your Apple Watch.

No need for a fancy stand; this one does everything I need.