Clear Up Tech Misunderstandings with This New Book, Are Your Bits Flipped, by Joe Kissell

Bits flippedIn the same way that the best-selling book Freakonomics explained the riddles of everyday life and Predictably Irrational revealed our unexpected economic behavior, Are Your Bits Flipped? tackles the tech misconceptions that trip up so many of us. In this engaging and conversational book, author Joe Kissell debunks common myths surrounding the high-tech products and services we all rely on every day.

Just as a single “flipped bit” in a piece of computer code can bring an otherwise reliable app crashing to a halt, a single misconception in your understanding of personal computing technology can cause all manner of problems — including lost data, wasted time, and constant frustration as you live and work in today’s increasingly digital world.

Eliminate tech misconceptions and you’ll:

  • Avoid common errors that waste precious time or result in data loss.
  • Make better decisions based on understanding how things work.
  • Find yourself asking for — or paying for! — computer help less often.
  • Have clear explanations on hand when others ask you for help.
  • Make a stronger impression at a job interview, user group, or wherever your tech skills may be judged

Joe also delves into topics of trust, fear, privacy, security, reliability, and productivity to answer questions like these:

  • Can you trust services like iCloud or Gmail, or password managers?
  • How do you evaluate privacy when a Web site asks for personal info?
  • Should you worry about enabling Java and JavaScript in your browser?
  • How many cloud services (like Dropbox or OneDrive) do you really need?
  • Are you relying on a backup strategy that may leave you in the lurch? 
  • Are you spending more time searching the Web than is necessary?

You’d be surprised what false impressions may have crept into your view of the tech world, but if you’re well grounded, would you do us a favor and forward this to your friend, relative, or colleague who persists in using a single password, has never tested their backups, or still believes all Web URLs must start with www? 

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