Coming Soon: Bob Dylan, The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1


Do you have all of Bob Dylan’s music? 35 studio albums, 6 live albums, and more, will be available on November 5, in the Complete Album Collection Vol. 1. (, Amazon UK) This massive collection, optimistically entitled Vol. 1, includes 14 remastered albums, and the first North American release of the 1973 Dylan album.

It does not, however, include the Bootleg series, which is up to Volume 10, and those releases will presumably be in Vol. 2 of this series, together with whatever future albums Bob releases.

At around $255, or £150, this is not a cheap set, but if you don’t have all of Dylan’s music, it’s worth it.

There’s also a limited edition set available from the Official Bob Dylan Store, which includes a “harmonica” USB stick case, and the USB stick contains all the music in 320 kbps MP3 and 24-bit FLAC files.

I know what my birthday present will be this year…