Computer Audiophile Launches Superphonica

Chris Connaker, who runs the Computer Audiophile website, has just launched Superphonica, a hi-fi focused marketplace for selling new and used audio products, and more. As: he describes it:

Superhonica is a HiFi focused marketplace where private individuals, dealers, and manufacturers all sell new and used products to the world. This isn’t our grandfather’s classified section. We’ve leveraged new technology to offer people the best buying and selling experience in the industry. Superphonica is CA’s marketplace, but it isn’t only for what some would consider CA type products. Superphonica is for digital audio, analog audio, music, and even products like NAS drives. In fact, this is why the marketplace goes by the name Superphonica rather than Computer Audiophile. Why limit one’s buying and selling options because of a name or perceived product focus?

If you’re into hi-fi – audiophile or not – check out Superphonica. Chris has a lot of ideas on how to make the process of buying and selling better, more transparent, and fairer.