Control Music Playback from Control Center on iOS 10

In previous versions of iOS, you could control music playback using Control Center, the overlay that displays when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. In iOS 10, Control Center is larger than before, and it doesn’t show any playback controls. Well, it does, and it’s easy to get to them once you know how.

At the bottom of the overlay you’ll see two tiny dots; they indicate that there is another screen if you swipe to the right. Indeed, swipe to the right and the music playback controls display, much larger than previously.

Music playback control center

So it’s not hard to display this screen, once you know how. I’d rather see a single control center screen; they could have fit all this stuff on the main screen so you don’t have to swipe. But perhaps they are planning to expand the Control Center in the future, and wanted to offload the music controls ahead of time.

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