Copy Almost Any File to Your iOS Device with Waltr (and Save 15% With My Exclusive Coupon Code)

The second version of Waltr was recently released. This useful utility from Softorino lets you copy all kinds of files to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can even copy files that iTunes and iOS don’t support; Waltr converts them to formats you can play on iOS during the copy. These files show up in the stock iOS apps, such as Music, Videos (now TV), iBooks, etc.

Copy FLAC files, MKVs, ringtones, PDFs and more to your iOS device. Just connect it to your computer, launch Waltr, and drag files onto its window. And with Waltr 2, you can even make these copies over wi-fi.


Waltr fetches metadata for videos, adding titles, artwork, and more. It copies a slew of audio files, from FLAC to APE, by converting them to lossless formats so you don’t lose any quality. And it even works with legacy iPods, back to the very first model from 2001.

If you don’t want to use iTunes, you can still get the most out of your iOS device by loading files with Waltr. Even if you do use iTunes, it’s a quick way to copy files that iOS doesn’t support, since Waltr converts them on the fly.

And, save 15% on Waltr 2 with an exclusive coupon code: TNT.

Check out Waltr 2, for Mac or Windows.