Coronavirus quarantine 5​-​hour playlist #1 from Another Timbre

Simon Reynell, of Another Timbre, a great little British label of avant-garde music, posted this on Facebook:

I’ve just uploaded to Bandcamp a 5-hour ‘coronavirus’ playlist of recent pieces from Another Timbre. It’s for everyone, but particularly for those who are self-isolating or in quaratine. Free streaming, or you can buy downloads of individual tracks – and I’ll pass the money straight on to the principal musicians involved, many of whom will be facing tough times for the next few months. Featuring pieces by Magnus Granberg, Linda Catlin Smith, Cassandra Miller, Morton Feldman, Ryoko Akama, Adrián Demoč, Jürg Frey, Tse Trio + Angharad Davies, Catherine Lamb, Federico Pozzer & Frank Denyer. There will be other playlists uploaded as the pandemic continues.

You can stream the playlist for free, or buy it for £40.

We spoke with Simon on The Next Track in Episode #155, and interview pianist Philip Thomas, who plays the 90-minute Morton Feldman work Triadic Memories, in Episode #161.