Delete Your Apple Music Cache Easily with This AppleScript

After I wrote about where Apple Music stores cache files, and the fact that they can use up a lot of your disk space, Doug Adams looked into this. He’s created a new AppleScript, Flush Apple Music Cache Files, that lets you delete the entire cache folder with a single click.

Flush apple music

As Doug says:

“[This] folder […] is sort of like an “iTunes Media” folder for Apple Music. It stores the specially protected audio files that are downloaded when you play a track from Apple Music on your Mac, ostensibly so iTunes doesn’t have to re-download them if they are played again. They can’t be user-played and are only useful to Apple Music. (This cache folder doesn’t apply to Radio music. Or to Apple Music you’ve added to your library for offline use, which is stored in your official “iTunes Media” folder.)”

Doug also points out that we don’t know if iTunes will ever delete them, when your drive runs out of space, or what will happen if you quit Apple Music. In any case, use this script to free up space on your Mac.