Display Health Data in Apple Watch Complications with HealthFace

HealthFace is a $0.99 app from the developer of Streaks. It offers the ability to add any data point from the Health app to your Apple Watch as a complication. Coincidentally, I was just asking on Twitter, recently, if there was any way to do this, and this app does exactly what I want.

Healthface1I wanted to add a step count to my watch. The only exercise I do that can be quantified by the Apple Watch is walking, and I have a daily goal; it’s good to see where I am in relation to that goal as the day goes on. I found several apps that can display this info, but inefficiently, or incorrectly (showing numbers that were wrong, based only on the step count on my iPhone, not my Apple Watch).

HealthFace lets me display this information on any watch face, in any complication. You set up individual complications for the watch faces you use, choosing your data point, and one of hundreds of icons if you wish. (If you’re familiar with Streaks, you know that this developer is very good at designing icons for activities. Some are more decorative than appropriate for specific health data points; like the duck, the ghost, or the broom.)

While the data doesn’t update in real time, all you need to do is tap the complication, then tap Refresh Complications to get current numbers. (This is a watchOS limitation; it can only auto-update 50 times a day.) Some of the data is fixed; such as your weight, body temperature, sleep data, and more. HealthFace accesses all the data points in the Health app, and there are probably lots of these that you don’t want to see on your wrist. Some of the data points also allow you to set goals, such as for a step count.

As you can see to the left, there are a number of watch faces that show complications configured. When you configure a specific complication, it is automatically added to those faces that use the same complication. But for many of the complications, you can set up multiple configurations and choose the one that’s appropriate for the specific watch face.

Some of the complications could display data more efficiently. One is the large modular complication, which only displays data in small text. The developer explained that this is a limitation of the way watchOS can display data, but he’s looking at better ways to set this up so the data is more visible.

HealthFace is a neat app if you like to keep any eye on any of your health data, particularly your activity data, which changes during the day. It’s a buck; it’s well designed, and easy to set up.