Don’t Like the U2 Album? Apple Is Providing a Way to Delete It from your iTunes Library

Apple has finally admitted that the U2 free album debacle was wrong. They have set up a web page where you can ask to have the album removed from your iTunes library.


I’m glad Apple has realized that they made a mistake, and have decided to offer a way to get rid of it if you don’t want it.

I find it interesting that this issue is so polarizing. A lot of my fellow tech journalists see it as a non-issue, but I tend to think that the customer is always right. I’ve gotten enough emails from readers that show that the majority of people had no clue about this promotion until they saw the music in their iTunes libraries, or on their iOS devices. Tech journalists tend to forget that the vast majority of people don’t follow the news that we do. And, as I pointed out here, lots of people don’t get promotional emails from the iTunes Store, so weren’t alerted by Apple about this either.