Easily Create iTunes Playlists by Artist, Composer, Genre, Etc.

I get lots of emails from people who want to create playlists by artist, composer, genre, or other tags, but don’t relish the idea of making dozens of playlists by hand.

Doug Adams has updated one of his really useful AppleScripts, Make Playlists By Tag. This script lets you create playlists by choosing one or more artists, composers, genres, years, or more.

Launch the applet, and choose a tag from the Make Playlists By menu. Check or uncheck tags to choose the ones you want to use. In this example, I’m making playlists by genre, and gave chosen a few of my genres.

Make playlists by tag

Click Proceed, and Make Playlists By Tag will start making playlists. It’s that simple. Note that these are standard playlists, not smart playlists, so they won’t update. But if you want updated playlists by any of these tags, just delete the playlists and run the applet again.

This is a real time-saver if you want to make a lot of playlists using any of your music’s tags. It’s free, but do make a donation to Doug, who has written so many useful AppleScripts for iTunes.