‘End of iTunes?’: Leaked Apple email spells end of music downloads – Metro News

Apple has written a letter to the music industry which has sparked fears it’s planning to kill off iTunes.

Thet tech giant has just announced ‘the end of iTunes LPs’, prompting claims that it’s secretly planning to stop selling downloads altogether.

Metro.co.uk has been shown an email sent to people working in the music business announcing the withdrawal of ‘LPs’ from the iTunes store.

Older readers and vinyl lovers will know that LP stands for ‘long-playing’ and is generally used to refer to an album.

But in Apple speak, an LP is a specific type of music bundle which will be removed from the iTunes store throughout 2018.

Although this one decision does not spell immediate doom for iTunes, music industry sources and experts said it’s evidence which chimes with rumours that Apple is intending to stop selling music downloads and shift to a subscription model.

Oh, my… The stupid is strong. They do mention that the iTunes LP is a specific music and extras bundle, which never took off. They have no intention of eliminating downloads any time soon.

The “rumors” about Apple planning to end downloads were propagated by one website which is generally wrong in all its predictions. They’ve been trying to get people to report the story, and it hasn’t spread, because they’re well known of sensationalism. So we can put that one to rest for now.

Source: ‘End of iTunes?’: Leaked Apple email spells end of music downloads | Metro News