Everything Google Knows about You (and How to Search Privately)

“Why don’t you just Google it?”

You have probably said this when people asked you questions, and you’ve certainly heard other people suggest this method of finding out information. You may use Google to get sports scores, to find how to do something on your Mac, to search for information on a vacation destination, to find recipes, and much more. After all, Google is the world’s most popular go-to tool for accessing information.

But Google is not your only search engine option, and certainly not the most private. Have you ever wondered what Google knows about you? You might be surprised by how much Google knows about you, and you may want to change that. Want to search more privately? Of course you do!

Read on and we’ll show you how to find out everything Google knows about you, as well as how to change some search settings. And if you don’t like what you see, we also offer suggestions for two other search engines that aren’t as creepy as Google.

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