Farewell 16 GB iOS Devices; Almost

When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 last week, they also removed the 16 GB tier of the iPhone. People have been complaining for years about 16 GB iOS devices; with the size of iOS, and a few apps and some music, there’s little room left on the device. At the same time, Apple bumped the storage of iPads; now all iPads start at 32 GB.

However, Apple still sells two iOS devices with 16 GB storage: the iPhone SE (it comes with 16 or 64 GB) and the iPod touch (available with 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB, the latter only available directly from Apple). It’s a shame that they didn’t update the iPhone SE; I think Apple still sees this as a sub-par device, even though millions of people have bought it because it’s the correct size for an iPhone. As for the iPod touch, I would argue that nearly everyone buying that device does so to listen to music, and it should start at 32 GB. But the iPod touch is a dying breed; we may never see another update to that device.

So there has been progress, with the majority of iOS devices now starting at 32 GB. Finally.