Find Alternate Versions of Songs on the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store has some hidden features. One of them is power search, which provides more options than the standard search. If you use power search, the results can offer an interesting feature to find alternate versions of songs.

Here’s an example. If I go to the iTunes Store power search, and select Music, I can search for a song. Below, I searched for Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower.

Power search

As you can see, if you click the arrow button next to the price of a song, you get several options, one of which is Other Versions.

Other versions

If you choose this, you’ll see a list of alternate versions of the song. First is other versions by the same artist, next is a list of “More Versions,” by others.

All versions

Note especially the Preview All button, which lets you listen to 30- or 90-second previews of all the songs in either list. So if you’re looking for different versions of songs, this is a great way to find them.

So use this link for the power search and start browsing for more versions of your favorite songs.

Thanks to Paul M. for pointing this out.