First Impressions of Apple Music

I’ve spent the morning looking at Apple Music, and, while I like the idea of streaming, I find the whole interface to be confusing. In addition, I’ve found a number of glitches and problems with Apple Music that make me hesitate. For now, I’m using it on my test iTunes library on my MacBook Pro; I’m not ready to commit my full library to Apple Music.

I’ve written a number of short articles so far today about specific issues. Here are links to them:

Apple Music’s For You Selections Are not For Me

How to Tell Apple Music That You Don’t Like Specific Recommendations

Tracks Unavailable to Stream on Apple Music

Where iTunes Stores Apple Music Downloads, What Kind of Files They Are, and How to Delete Them

Apple Music is a Brand, Not a Feature

Apple Music Limits Play to One Device at a Time, Unless You Have a Family Membership

iCloud Music Library Screws Up Album Artwork

Where Has iTunes Match Gone?

How to Hide Apple Music

The Real Difference Between iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library: DRM

I’ll be writing more during the day, and in the coming days, so make sure to come back soon.

What do you think?

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