First Look at Apple News+

One of the new services that Apple announced on March 25 is Apple News+. Building on a free platform that the company debuted in 2017 with iOS 9, Apple has added magazines, newspapers, and premium websites to create a subscription-based service.

Unlike the other services that Apple announced on Monday, Apple News+ is available now, with the latest updates to iOS (12.2) and macOS (10.14.4). You can check it out in the News app by clicking News+ in the sidebar, and you can sign up for a one-month free trial.

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0 thoughts on “First Look at Apple News+

  1. I like the idea of having access to so many publications, but until I can read or watch on all my devices, I’m not interested. I do most of my reading on my MBP, but I also have a couple of Chromebooks that I often use. A streaming service that only works on Apple products? No thanks.

  2. I’m, on the most part, happy so far. I do have a few quibbles with the new service. I’m going to limit my comments to use on an iPad.

    The two page at a time, “magazine” style layout, even on my 2018 iPad 12.9″ Pro is a bit too small to read. The text is smaller than a printed magazine, at least for the printed/paper magazines I’m familiar with.

    I normally hold my iPad in landscape mode. In portrait mode it gets a little better, but then the iPad is too awkward to hold. The Apple folio does not support a desktop, portrait mode.

    So far I’ve found some magazines that offer a scrolling, “one page” format. This is better for text readability. But in some magazines the graphic images are very large. It takes a lot of scrolling to get back to the text. I’ve found in many cases the graphic image is so large, I can’t see the whole graphic image (in portrait mode) at once on my iPad. Kind of weird.

    One feature I like, available in the format of some magazines, is the article headline “jump to” feature. I’m a little weird I guess. But I like to dig into specific articles in a magazine, and then go back to ones I am less interested in. That is a lot of physical page flipping avoided in the electronic magazines that offer that feature.

    Clearly, the different magazines, and Apple the host, have some work to do regarding the various formats the each publisher uses. Frankly, it seems to be somewhat of a hodgepodge. I know in the physical/paper magazines this is the norm. I’m not calling for total uniformity. Maybe it is just that I don’t like the formatting some magazines to begin with?

    The concept of “all you can eat” magazine access seems pretty neat. I generally get four to five magazines at home. I’d probably add, in addition the ones I already read at home. another four. Hopefully more magazines will be added.

    All told I’ve found 10 magazines on Apple News+ that I’d read (this includes the ones I get a physical, paper copy of. So economically this would probably make sense to do. So eliminating my current subscriptions via different sources would be a must.

    But doing that eliminates the ease of sharing paper magazines with my spouse, family and friends. I understand that there is a “Family Sharing” available, but I assume that is Apple’s Family Plan, that of course adds to the cost.

    All in all I’ll use the trial period to see if it is worth it to me. Maybe some of these quibbles will vanish as I get used to the service.

    I have a feeling that my spouse is going to want to continue some paper magazines. In that case I’ll just see if there are enough “new” magazines that I want to read via the new service.

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