Got the Blank Page Blues? Take a Walk. How Walking Boosts Creativity.

Whether you write short-form or long-form works, fiction or non-fiction, no writer is immune from the blank-page blues. We all hit a point when the ideas just don’t come. It’s almost as if the brain, at times, is like a silo, whose grain has depleted and needs to be refilled.

There are many ways to jump-start your creativity in situations like this. Naps are a great way to give the mind a rest and start afresh. Using writing prompts can help your brain make new connections. But one method of replenishing the brain has been used for centuries, and has been shown by science to help you be more creative: walking.

In this article, I’ll explain why a walk – short or long – can be just what you need to move ahead when you hit the hurdle of the blank page.\Read the rest of the article on The L&L Blog.

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