Grateful Dead Announce Fare Thee Well Audio and Video Box Set

603497886852 dead ftw cd blurayYou knew it was going to happen. With the Grateful Dead’s final three shows, in July, it was obvious that they would be releasing the audio, and probably the video. I expected them to announce it after the shows, but, today, the Grateful Dead announced Fare The Well, a box set containing 12 CDs and 7 DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. It’s not cheap; at $175 or $190, depending on the videos, it’s a pretty steep price for three shows, but it will have complete videos of all three concerts.

Let’s be honest. These won’t be the best Grateful Dead concerts ever, but they are historic. This is going to be a number, limited edition of 20,000 (they clearly think they’ll sell more of this set than the 30 Trips Around the Sun set), and it’s due to ship in November.

If you just want a shorter version, they’re doing that too, for $55: 4 CDs and 2 DVDs. And there’s a Best Of disc at $20.

Anyway, Deadheads, you know what to do…