Great HD Video of Genesis Live in 1973

If you’re an old-time Genesis fan, you probably prefer the early days with Peter Gabriel as the frontman. I only managed to see the band live once, at Madison Square Garden in 1978. Phil Collins was singing then, but Peter Gabriel came on for the encore.

I really liked the early albums that Genesis did, and after Gabriel left, I felt the band quickly turned into a pop band (and a very successful one at that). Nothing against Phil Collins; he was a great drummer, as you can see in the video below; it’s just that the music he made after Gabriel’s departure wasn’t to my taste.

Recently, on YouTube, a video has surfaced of a concert Genesis performed in 1973. This video was available before, but not it’s been upgraded to HD. The audio is good, but a bit harsh at the high end. Nevertheless, it’s a pro-shot video just over an hour long, showing Genesis playing some of their best early songs: Watcher of the Skies, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, I Know What I Like, The Musical Box, and Supper’s Ready.

It’s great to see how theatrical the band’s concerts were back in the day. And Peter Gabriel brandishes a light saber at the end of the show…