Happy 75th Birthday Bob Dylan

DylanLots of the musicians we’ve grown up with are getting into their golden years, as a generation of artists is in their 70s and heading toward the next decade. Bob Dylan is in the middle of that decade now, and today is his 75th birthday.

As I’ve written here recently, I’ve been a Dylan fan since forever, but only finally got to see him live last year. It was very interesting to see how much he enjoys performing (I had front row seats); this is a good thing, because he still does more than 100 shows a year, as part of his “Neverending Tour.”

He shows no sign of letting up, with a new album just out (Fallen Angels, another set of “crooner” songs, which is a delight), and an extensive tour this summer. Sure, he’s not the same Bob Dylan; his voice isn’t as agile as it once was (though many people would posit that it never was a “good” voice), he hobbles a bit as he moves on stage, but, together with a tight backing band, he still puts on a good show.

So here’s to you, Bob. Happy Birthday!