Has Apple Music For You Run Out of Ideas Already?

Two weeks ago, I pointed out that the first classical playlist that I saw in Apple Music’s For You was Classical music for elevators.

Today, I was browsing For You again, and, at the top of the list, I saw the same playlist:

Elevators again

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen duplicates. While I don’t expect every recommendation to be unique, I’m surprised that I’ve already noticed several such repeat recommendations.

On the rock side, I keep seeing playlists about a few artists: Bruce Springsteen, Santana (because I happened to listen to one Santana album; he’s not really one of my favorite artists), U2 (spare me, please…), and Elton John (I really like Madman Across the Water, and listened to it a few times.) As far as jazz is concerned, I see a lot of Miles Davis playlists, John Coltrane, and a number of albums recommended.

But for classical music, I’ve seen Classical Music for Elevators, an Introduction to the Emerson String Quartet (because I “loved” that artist), and a playlist of recordings by Alfred Brendel (another artist I loved). But that’s about it.

If For You is to be taken seriously, there need to be a lot more varied recommendations.