Have Apple Execs Been too Preoccupied to Focus on the Mac?

There has been a lot of commentary in the past week about Apple’s perceived lack of interest in the Mac. From the curiously expensive, yet limited, MacBook Pro that Apple just announced to the moribund three-year-old Mac Pro that seems to have been forgotten, Mac users are seeing little useful evolution of the computers they use. Apple touted the MacBook Pro as being for “pro” users, but lots of “pros” have been chiming in about how this Mac isn’t for them.

But perhaps Apple’s top executives have been too busy to focus on the Mac. I’m reminded of when Apple delayed the release of OS X Leopard because of the iPhone, because too many developers were needed for the latter project. But what’s the product this time? The mythical Apple car?

Maybe all the top Apple executives are too busy with the ultimate vanity project: their huge new “campus.” I can’t imagine that the top brass at Apple are not involved in this project, and overseeing a building of this size must take a lot of time. Apple certainly needs new digs, but something this ambitious isn’t the type of project you can just hand off to an architect. Could the new Apple campus be siphoning off the time and energy of Apple’s key executives at the expense of the Mac?