HBO to Cut Off HBO Now Users Outside the US

If you live outside the US, you may use a VPN (virtual private network) to access certain services in that country. Many people use a VPN with Netflix, to be able to access a broader range of movies and TV series available in the US than in foreign countries. Some other services also turn a blind geolocation eye to such users. And, it seems that some people are also using VPNs to access HBO’s new $15 a month HBO Now service.

But, according to TorrentFreak, HBO is going to cut these users’ cords.

HBO has started to crack down on paying customers who access the HBO Now service from outside the United States. Subscribers from countries including Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia who use VPNs and other unblocking tools are now being threatened with account terminations.

TorrentFreak has posted a screenshot of an email that some HBO Now users have received:


This isn’t surprising. TV channels have licensing agreements with channels in countries around the world to distribute many of their shows, such as the very popular Game of Thrones. This said, the people paying $15 a month who are outside the US are probably those who would be pirating the series otherwise. So it’s not clear who wins by this decision by HBO.