Hey Apple, Fix This: Apple needs a Report button for when iCloud Music Library plays the wrong version

Apple fix this

If you follow my Ask the iTunes Guy column, you know that I answer lots of questions about problems with iTunes. Sometimes, I offer solutions to common conundrums, or workarounds when there’s no easy way to do something, but sometimes I have no answer; there are simply things that are broken. And that’s what I want to talk about this week: Something broken in iTunes that only Apple can fix. Occasionally, you play tracks using iCloud Music Library, and what you hear is not what you selected.

This generally happens for two reasons. The first is when you have a live album in your iTunes library, and you play it on your iPhone, and you hear a series of studio versions of the same tracks instead of the concert you were looking forward to. The second is when you have music with “explicit” lyrics, and you end up hearing the “clean” versions.


When this happens, users have no recourse. You can’t flag a track as being the wrong version, and if you remove the originals from your iTunes library, and then re-add them, they’ll get matched to the same incorrect versions.

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