Hey, Apple, Fix This! – Apple Notes: The lack of default font options causes problems

Note: this is the first article of a new Macworld column entitled Hey, Apple, Fix This! In this column, I’ll look at problems with Apple software and hardware, and suggest how it should be fixed, along with workarounds and alternatives, whenever possible. Tune in every other Friday for more.

Apple’s Notes app is quite useful. You can store notes on your Macs and iOS devices, and they sync via iCloud. You can add and view attachments, and you can even lock individual notes in the latest versions of Apple’s operating systems to protect them from prying eyes.

But I won’t use Notes.

Apple made a bewildering design decision: They don’t allow users to choose a default font and size in the OS X version of the app. On iOS, the Notes app inherits the overall font settings you choose; if you choose to increase the size of the system font, in Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size, then the font in Notes gets bigger, as it does in apps such as Mail, Reminders, and others. (Not all apps support this Dynamic Type setting.) But there is no such system font size option on OS X. So all notes start out in a tiny (to me) font.

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