Hey Apple, Fix This! iCloud: Cloudy with a Chance of Errors

Apple fix this

It happened again. Apple’s cloud services had a minor meltdown on June 2. Many services were down: email, Notes, the iTunes Store and Mac App Store, Game Center, iCloud Drive, and more.

This day was a bit worse than usual, but there are frequent problems with iCloud Music Library, which prevent users from accessing their music, issues with Messages and Face Time, and many other problems with Apple’s cloud services.

It has become a commonplace to say that “Apple isn’t good at services.” Those of us who have been using Apple products since the pre-internet days remember the various cloud services that Apple launched, changed, rebranded, and then scrapped. First came iTools in 2000, followed by .Mac in 2002, MobileMe in 2008, then iCloud in 2012. It was as if Apple hoped that a new name would make users forget how unreliable each service was.

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