Hey Apple, Fix This: The Reminders Data Silo

Apple fix this

My partner sent me a message last week asking how she could share a Reminders list with a few people. She was in a different part of the country, planning an event, and she needed several people involved in the event to see the task list she had drafted. She uses an iPhone and an iPad, and assumed that Reminders would be the best tool to create a task list. She could then mark each task as completed as she progressed with the preparation of the event, and see what was left to do. And she could share the list again, as time went on, so others could see which tasks remained. Since most of the people who needed to see this list don’t use iOS devices, she couldn’t find a way to share it.

I had never thought about this. Sure, you can share a Reminders list with another iOS user (when that feature works; more on that below), but what do you do when you need to share it with someone who uses an Android or Windows phone? It turns out that there is no way to do this. I understand that Apple wants to keep people in its ecosystem, but not everyone collaborates with only iOS users. Apple’s Reminders is a data silo; you can put data into it, but you can’t get it out.

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