How Do You Tweak Apple Music’s For You Recommendations in iTunes?

I recently wrote how Apple Music’s For You recommendations are not for me. I pointed out how you can tweak these recommendations on iOS.

Over time, Apple Music is supposed to learn from what you like, and what you don’t. In the recommendations in the For You section, you can tap an album and press until you see a (very long) menu. Tap Recommend Less Like This to tell Apple Music that you don’t like their selection. But that doesn’t remove it from the recommendations.

For you 4

However, now that I’m messing around with Apple Music on my Mac, I see that there’s no way to do this in iTunes. There’s a … button you can click, which gives some options, but nothing that lets you tell Apple Music that you don’t like a recommendation. (Nothing against Ms Furtado, but she’s not my style.)

Itunes recommendations

My friend Rob Griffiths said today, on Twitter, following some frustration he’s having with Apple Music:

The more I use iTunes, the more I’m convinced nobody at Apple actually owns a Mac.

I think he’s right. I don’t think Apple Music was thought out correctly for people using iTunes.