How Does Ebook Pricing Work?

How does ebook pricing work

Ebook pricing has evolved since Amazon introduced the first Kindle device in 2007. While they were not the first retailer of ebooks, they were the first company to provide an end-to-end solution for reading ebooks. You can buy ebooks from Amazon and read them almost immediately on Amazon devices or on Amazon apps. You don’t have to download and transfer books; all of that is automatic.

In the early days of kindle books, Amazon said that they would sell the majority of books for $9.99. Obviously, that has changed over the years, and inflation has increased the price of books. At the time of this writing, hardcover best sellers on Amazon, whose retail prices are $25 to $30, sell for about half that price in Kindle format. Some new trade paperback books are more expensive in Kindle format, because of the discounts Amazon applies to the retail price of print books. On the other hand, a lot of back catalog books cost much less than $10.

But these prices only apply to bestsellers. For self-published ebooks, it’s up to authors to choose the price.

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