How Many Different Types of Plots Are There?

Some say there are 6, 36, or 1,462 plots for stories, novels and screenplays. How many are there? Does it matter?

There has been much discussion over the years as to how many different types of plots, stories, or dramatic situations exist. While writers of fiction and screenplays may not want to plan their novels according to these templates, it’s a good idea to keep them in mind. Are there six, 36, or 1,462 different types of plots? Can you structure a story using a template?

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2 thoughts on “How Many Different Types of Plots Are There?

  1. If the number of plots is 6, 36, or even 1,462, then I am interested in the question of how tens of thousands of books are published each year in English, which seem acceptably new and fresh to the readers. For writers, how do we create a story that captures the interest of readers, if we are using a plot that is universal? What does a writer need to keep in mind, to create an engaging story around a universal plot?

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