How Many of You Are Still Using Apple Music?

It’s been two months now, since Apple Music launched. There was a lot of press in the early days about the complicated interface (including many articles I wrote about Apple Music), and the varied features that work or don’t work.

So, two months later, how many people are still using Apple Music? I am, maybe a couple of days a week. I’m not using it a lot, and am mostly using it to listen to music I used to own back in the days of vinyl and never bought on CD. In other words, to listen to oldies (that is, music from the 70s, for the most part).

I’ll be subscribing, not because I think it’s a good service, but simply because I write about Apple products and services, and especially iTunes. If I didn’t write about this stuff, I doubt I’d pay the $10 a month; I’ve got plenty of music to listen to.

What about you, Constant Reader? Are you still using Apple Music? Will you be subscribing when the three-month trial has ended?