How to Build an Author Platform to Showcase and Market Your Writing

Back in the day, publishers would market books, sending review copies, setting up author tours, organizing interviews, and more. Now, except for the most popular authors, it’s up to you to do much of this yourself. Your publisher may have a publicist who can do some of the promotion for you, but if you want to ensure that you get the most exposure, you need to create a platform so potential readers and journalists can find out about you and your books, and so your fans can keep up with what’s new.

Building a platform to highlight your work is essential for any author. The goal of an author platform is to allow readers to learn more about you and your books, provide information for fans, and present yourself to influencers (those on social media, as well as editors commissioning book reviews). In some cases, if you self publish, your author platform could be your storefront, and could be a stepping stone toward finding an agent or a traditional publisher.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the type of author platforms you can use, and in future articles, I’ll look more closely at some of these, and discuss how you can set them up and manage them.

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