How To: Edit Ebook Metadata in iBooks

This is why I like comments or this website. I posted an article today, saying how I want to be able to edit metadata for ebooks in Apple’s iBooks app. And a commenter chimed in, explaining how it’s done.

In iBooks, go to List view. Click on a title; wait a second, then click on the Title, Author, Category or Collection. It will become highlighted, and you can change the contents of these fields.

Ibooks change metadata

It’s tricky to get the timing right. If the second click is too soon, it will be interpreted as a double-click, and either open the book or begin downloading it if it’s in the cloud. Wait too long, and it doesn’t work. You’ll have to figure out how to get it right.

Once one field is selected, you can press the Tab key to go to the next field.

If you can edit metadata, then why doesn’t Apple make it easier, offering an Info window, as in iTunes?

h/t Guillermo Carvajal.