How to Find Out the Size of a Playlist in iTunes

It’s easy to make playlists in iTunes, and, at times, you may want to know how much space a playlist uses. You may want to sync the playlist to an iOS device, and need to know if you have enough space, or you may want to copy the files on your computer to move them somewhere, such as to an external hard drive or flash drive.

iTunes 12 displays a a playlist header that shows you some information about your playlist.

Playlist header

While this header shows you the number of songs in the playlist, and the amount of time they add up to, it doesn’t tell you anything about the size of its files.

To view this information, choose View > Show Status Bar. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see something like this:

Playlist status bar

As you can see above, the Status Bar tells you the number of songs, their total duration, and the total file size. The size given works even if your songs are in the cloud; iTunes knows the sizes of your Apple Music and iTunes Match tracks.

The only time this isn’t accurate is when you use iTunes to downsample some of your files when syncing to iOS devices. If you use this feature, then you won’t be able to tell how much space a playlist will take up on your iOS device.