How to Find the Serial Number, Phone Number, IMEI, and Other Info about Your iOS Device on macOS Catalina

Now that you sync your iOS devices (if you ever sync them) in the Finder in macOS Catalina, you may have noticed that you no longer see your device’s phone number and serial number at the top of the sync window. In the Finder, you see very little information about your device:

Backup to finder

However, there is plenty of information available if you know where to look for it. If you click the line where it says the model of your device, and its storage, you see more information:

Iphone info1

Click again, then again, to see all three information sections:

Iphone info2

Iphone info3

If you right-click on any of these lines, you can choose Copy to copy all of the information each line displays to the clipboard, in case you need to provide any of this data to your carrier, or to Apple support.