How to Fix Split Albums in iTunes

Sometime when you rip a CD, or otherwise add an album to iTunes, its tracks aren’t correctly grouped together as a single album. It may show as two, three, or more separate albums. If you look at the tags, they are all the same, but somehow, iTunes doesn’t think they belong together.

This is a fairly common problem, and, fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

In iTunes, select all the tracks of the album, then press Command-I (Control-I on Windows). This brings up the Info window for multiple items. You’ll see the album name, artist name, genre, and more.

In this window, change the Artist name. For example, add an x to the end of the artist’s name:

Regroup album

Click OK, and let iTunes change the tags to the tracks.

Select all the tracks again, then remove the x from the artist’s name, and click OK. The tracks should all be grouped together.

If that doesn’t work, do the same thing with the Album Artist tag. In many cases, this field will be empty, but if not, it could cause iTunes to split albums.

If the above don’t work, then the problem is generally caused by the Sorting tags. Select the tracks, press Command-I, and click the Sorting tab.


If you see anything in the Sort As fields for Album, Album Artist, or Artist, delete them and click OK. Your tracks should be grouped correctly.

And if none of the above work, drag the files from iTunes to the desktop, delete them from your iTunes library, and re-add them. That should fix the issue, but you’ll lose metadata such as ratings and play counts.