How to Fix the Crappy Artwork Included in Audiobooks from Audible

I like listening to audiobooks, and I use Audible (both in the US and Audible UK. One problem with Audible is that they include really low-resolution artwork with their books, and it looks ugly. Here’s an example.

Audible artwork1

I prefer replacing that artwork so I can read the covers. But it’s not easy; for some reason, in Audible files, you cannot delete the artwork as you can with music files. You can’t drag the new artwork either. What you have to do is select a book, press Command-I, and then click the Artwork tab. Click the Add Artwork button and select a file. (Find a book cover on Google, doing an image search, first.)

When you do this, you can see that the new artwork gets added to the left of the original artwork:

Audible artwork2

Click OK to save the artwork. If you select the file(s) and press Command-I again, when you click the Artwork tab, you’ll only see the new artwork. But the old artwork is still there; if you delete the new one (which you can do easily now), the old one will reappear.

It’s very odd, and must have something to do with Audible’s files. But it’s sad that they can’t provide artwork that is readable. It’s a headache to have to change artwork for all the books I download, but until Audible fixes it, that’s what I’ll keep doing.