How to import TextExpander snippets into TypeIt4Me

Today there have been a few people asking us how to port their snippets from TextExpander to TypeIt4Me. For the benefit of any of you who may be flirting with the idea of switching, here’s a quick primer explaining how to go about opening your TextExpander snippets in TypeIt4Me.

With the new subscription pricing model that TextExpander announced yesterday, many users are looking for a replacement app that with a standard buy-once model. TypeIt4Me, which is the original such app on the Mac, is the best choice for those who want similar features. This blog post on the TypeIt4Me website explains how to export snippets from TextExpander and import them into TypeIt4Me.

Note that you will need to manually change some of your snippets. For example, if you have TextExpander snippets that insert the contents of the clipboard, you’ll need to manually replace %clipboard with ?, which is the way TypeIt4Me represents the contents of the clipboard. As the blog post points out:

Please note that TextExpander Fill-in Field snippets work differently than their TypeIt4Me equivalent, Autocue placeholders. The import process will not automatically convert them; you will need to manually adapt any Fill-in Field snippets to use TypeIt4Me syntax or they won’t work when you type them. The TypeIt4Me user guide explains how to create autocue placeholder snippets.

There may be some other special characters that you need to change as well; try out your snippets and see if they behave as you expect.

So it may take you a few minutes to update all your snippets, but once you’ve done that, you’ll have the same functionality as you had with TextExpander.

Source: Ettore Software | How to import TextExpander snippets into TypeIt4Me