How to personalize your own radio stations in Apple Music

I’m not a fan of the playlists on Apple Music. I don’t care that much for the so-called curated lists of songs that focus on an artist, a decade, or an activity. (Specific playlists for barbecues? Or Classical Music for Elevators? Seriously?) But I do appreciate the breadth of music available on Apple Music. While I listen much more to my own large music library, I often want to sample something new on Apple Music, or simply queue up some music that might surprise me.

I’ve long been a fan of Genius, the feature in iTunes that finds “songs from your library that sound great together.” This may, in fact, be the best feature in iTunes. I can pick a song, start a Genius playlist, and listen to similar music from my own collection.

The equivalent on Apple Music is stations. I’m not talking about Beats 1, Pure Pop, or the other genre-based stations, but the ones that you can craft yourself.

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